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Ned - Esp


Materials and setups vary

duration 114 minutes

Ned - Esp is a research on the musical and compositional quality of soccermatches. The work in its primary form is a translation of a particular soccermatch (from the world championships 2014) into musical data. This data can be outputted through different instruments combined in a variety of setups.

The first translation has resulted in the following setup:
four channel audio, black and white video;

1. The sound of players kicking the ball and the sound of the ball bouncing on the ground is played by a kickdrum.

2. The sound of the cheering supporters is translated into a synthesized choir. It is first isolated from the audio-channel of the footage, then pitch-analysed and transformed into midi-data. This midi data is then played through a virtual instrument which emulates a symphonic choir. The recording of this choir is played through two speakers mounted on the wall.

3. The video channel is being processed through a chain of color-effects. Green is keyed out. Every color left has been changed to either black or white.